Service FAQs

What type of music do you normally play in your services?

At North Bay Community Church, you will experience incredible diversity in music, including both Contemporary and Traditional. It seems that musically talented and passionate people seem to attract more musically talented and passionate people. God is praised through an eclectic mix of instruments including organ, piano, hand-bells and others. Our musical diversity reflects our commitment to people’s diversity.

Is there anything to eat and drink?

You bet. We have lots of doughnuts, goodies and fruit on hand between services. We also serve up a great cup of coffee.

How can I learn even more about NBCC and/or become a member?

Attend  a Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m. or you can email the Church office - - with your contact information and we will let you know about the next New Members Orientation Class.

Fly Higher with Christ
Traditional Service: 10:30am